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Great Fun with Music: Adults, Sat., 2/10-2/24, 3 weeks

Instructor: Marc Shulgold

Class Date: Sat., 2/10-2/24, 3 weeks, 9:30-11:30 am, Studio 24B

An informal but informative journey into classical music, designed for the beginner as well as the
concert hall veteran. Each class session explores a different topic, featuring numerous music
examples and the no-nonsense and occasionally witty comments from longtime Arvada Center
instructor (and former music journalist) Marc Shulgold. Learn about the men and women who
created all those beloved pieces, as we delve into their lives and their music. Discover how a
symphony or concerto is put together, gain new insights into familiar pieces, and become
acquainted with composers and works you’ve never encountered. No prior knowledge required.