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Effects in Watercolor: Adults, Tues., 2/13-3/13, 5 weeks

Instructor: Randy Hale

Supply list will be mailed, Adults
Class Date: Tues., 2/13-3/13, 5 weeks, 1:30-4:30 pm, Studio 28

This class shows you ways to make your paintings grab everyone’s attention. In the first five weeks,
learn the elements needed to produce a dramatic painting and explore negative shapes, how to
execute lost edges, and techniques such as softening and blending. Learn skills such as how to vary
edges that help you get comfortable with your brushwork. In the second five weeks,
expand upon skills learned and discover how to use “leading devices” to direct a viewer’s
attention. These can be subtle or obvious, but must be interesting. Developing an effective center-
of-interest is crucial to engaging your viewer. This class is for intermediate painters.
Supply List will be mailed prior to class