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3D Printing: Ages 16-Adult, Tues., 7/11-8/8, 5 weeks

Instructor: Michael Empey

Ages 16-Adults
Class Date: Tues., 7/11-8/8, 5 weeks, 6:30-9:30 pm, Digital Lab

Join us for this fun and exciting introduction to the world of 3D printing. Students are guided
through the process of creating a simple 3D-printable object using a free CAD program and then
prepare the file to be printed. In this five week class, students learn how 3D printing works, how
3D printing is changing design processes and how it is impacting our world. We also learn the
fundamentals of a basic CAD program and how to prepare those files to be 3D printed.
Supply List: All hardware and software is provided. Note: Students may need to pick up some of
their prints after the class has completed. Tuition includes materials fee.