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Intro 3D Print Jewelry: Adults, Sat., 7/29 & 8/5, 2 weeks

Instructor: Liana Tomchesson

Class Date: Sat., 7/29 & 8/5, 2 weeks, 9am-1:30 pm, Digital Lab

Design and create your own wearable adornment. In this two Saturday workshop, students are
introduced to 3D jewelry printing using computers. Small wearable 3D forms are rendered file
ready using freeware programs. Students work in the program SketchUp and explore other helpful
freeware to complete our digital files. Students then print their designs using our new Lulzbot 3D
printers. Your final 3D forms are then assembled with basic jewelry attachments so they can be
worn and enjoyed.
Supply List: All hardware and software is provided. Tuition includes materials fee.