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Digital Photography:Ages 10-16, Mon.-Fri., 7/3-7/7 (no class 7/4), 1 week

Instructor: Jeri Troudt

Bring digital camera, Ages 10-16
Class Date: Mon.-Fri., 7/3-7/7 (no class 7/4), 1 week, 12:15-4 pm, Studio 25

Students explore the history of photography while venturing into the ever-expanding digital
camera age. Some techniques that are addressed include: composition, exposure, and creative
procedures. This camp also explores ways to enhance photos once they have been captured by
teaching tips and techniques of using Photoshop. Students then apply these methods to informal
outdoor and formal studio portraits, abstracts and still life plus scenic and close-up photography.
Class time is spent in the classroom, outdoors and in the Digital Creative Arts Lab. Level II students
will further explore digital photography and expand on what they learned in Digital Photo I.
Prerequisite of Digital II camp is completion of Digital I or permission from the instructor.
Supply List: A digital camera is recommended for this class or students may also take photos on the
DCAL digital tablets. If using your own equipment bring your camera and especially your media
card each day.